Acabamos de realizar el curso de diseños de seguridad adaptado a la protección de personas en Edmonton, Canada, dirigido a profesionales provenientes del entorno militar, policial y seguridad gubernamental.

El curso, organizado por la empresa hermana del Centro TDPE en Canada: CIPS INNOVATE PROTECTIVE SOLUTIONS, ha causado tal éxito y removido de tal formas las conciencias profesionales de los asistentes que han enviado prácticamente todos un mensaje de valoración del curso.

En general, el sistema del Centro TDPE no solo ha demostrado ser innovador y eficaz y totalmente adaptado a cualquier tipo de entorno de protección, si no que ha removido los cimientos de antiguas estructuras que demostraban ser funcionales por la única razón de que no han tenido la ocasión de aplicarse ante una situación de riesgo real.

Preferimos dejar patentes los testimonios de los asistentes, todos ellos profesionales con alto nivel de experiencia en campo militar, unidad especial policial y entorno gubernamental en la protección de personas. Y preferimos dejarlos en ingles, en la forma en que se han expresado sin modificar algunas expresiones sinceras y espontaneas.

El Centro TDPE volverá a Canadá con CIPS en octubre ante la petición de varios proyectos, aumentando los temas de protección de personas desde los diseños de seguridad a los planes de reacción.

“I have been fortunate to be a Soldier, Police Officer and now a Security Advisor. I have been on many courses and been privileged enough to be trained by very highly skilled and motivated people. I Recently attend the Protective Operations Planning course put on by Instructors form CIPS and TDPE. The course material and the training provided by the instructor was invaluable and backed up by real, and more importantly practical experience. Each theoretical methodology was demonstrated in a classroom based setting and then backed up with studies, demonstrations and hands on experience. The pace and level of instruction of the course was intense, passionate and realistic. This was not for those looking to enter the CP/EP world, but will certainly refresh or open the eyes and improve the skills of those already in it. I enter each course with an open mind and hope to gain at least two or three points that I can take away and adapt to my professional life that will make a positive difference for myself, my team mates and those we protect”
CIPS, TDPE have once again put on a valuable training experience that I would recommend to anyone in the industry. Old dogs learning new tricks

D.A.- Security Consultant.
“I already commented on LinkedIn but it is difficult to put into words the appreciation I have for both E (TDPE)  and yourself for putting this on (and obviously Patty for the toughest job of the course, keeping up with E). There was a moment during the course, and Dave had it too as we spoke about it after, where you look at where you’re standing as an individual and as a team and go, “fuck, we need to make some changes”. That’s a credit to the no-nonsense, experience based trainers, who don’t mince words to make you leave happy, we’re left thinking critically, and that’s essential.

We already knew it, but the problem working in an environment where everyone other than a select few are saying the whole “it’ll never happen, blah blah blah”, and that can infect the whole team and job if you’re not careful, because it effects training, deportment, resources, everything.

My in-house comment today was I wish we could have sent some of our Managers from the City to wrap their heads around the reality. You guys are good at explaining that. That’s something we need to find a way around, in the word’s of E, that’s “not my (your) problem”. That’s our battle to fight. I just hope we don’t need more incidents to drill that in, sadly I’m not sure about that, but I’ll still do what I can to drill the point home.

If I get a success story about changing that mentality, and not just on the EP side of the house I’ll let you know.

I’m rambling, have a good one Mark and sincerely, thanks again.”


“I had the opportunity to attend the Protective Operations Planning course put on by M. B and his company CIPS/TDPE. The course material and the training provided by the instructor will be invaluable for our company  HSDS Ltd  Being a director with the company you can never have enough training for yourself or your staff. The Reality 1 training provided on this course will become a part of our company’s package that we can offer our clients. I cannot say enough about the caliber of experience that the instructor provided and having walked the walk as he has gave incredible credibility to the level of training provided by CIPS and their team. I know that HSDS Ltd will be attending more reality 1 training put on by CIPS and I would recommend their courses to any company that looking for relevant and operational training techniques.


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